Rhubarb Gin Round Heart Lolly





Also available in a gift set.


We’ve taken alcohol to another level by combining it with the next best thing – candy! A delicious modern twist that has taken the nation by storm!


A unique and quirky gift that your loved one will definitely thank you for - they may not share though!


Made with real Gin and flavoured with Rhubarb, to make your favourite drink right now!


All of our products are made in the UK using the famous old-fashioned methods. So far these alcoholic lollies have made amazing stock fillers, incredible gifts and astonishing party treats. Now they are sending love around the UK!


Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Malic Acid, Gin, Rhubarb Flavouring and Colours: E129 and E171

Best Before: 30.06.2019

Weight: 65g