Are you getting married in autumn? If so, you’ll have a fabulous choice of beautiful and seasonal flowers to match your colour scheme.


As we move towards the end of the year rich and vibrant reds, dusky pink, purple and gold blooms are in season, plus you can begin to get more creative in your accessories and foliage.


You might even choose to reference the changing seasons in your flowers by using produce like berries and miniature squashes if you’re getting hitched near Halloween.


Cooler weather means that your flowers should last longer too; lending themselves to extravagant and architectural displays that will wow your guests!


Here are our favourite choices for impactful autumn wedding flowers to include...



A common sight in any English garden, hydrangeas look stunning in a bouquet and will last longer now that the weather is cooler. Available in a wide range of colours they can be used to bring vibrancy to a colourful bouquet or use in white to add greater depth and texture to a monochrome display.



If you’re going for real impact why not incorporate one of the many stunning varieties of amaryllis? These extra large, extra tall blooms love the cooler weather and are available in many different shades to match your colour scheme. A simple bouquet of red amaryllis looks stunning!


Calla lilies

These trumpet-shaped flowers are available in a fantastic burnt orange colour. When incorporated into a bouquet they remind us of tiny fireworks! They are also available in white if that’s your preference to create an incredibly elegant display and lend themselves well to a trailing bouquet.


Classic roses

The most romantic of all flowers, roses are a beautiful choice for an autumn wedding. Classic rich red works well for this time of year, as do yellow and golden varieties that further reflect the tones of the season.


Creative styling

As well as using seasonal flowers you can add a further nod to autumn in the styling of your bouquets and decorations. For example, we’ve seen some brides weaving in pinecones, miniature squashes, berries (real or fake) and acorns into their flowers to add a fun and quirky reference to the season! You can also add exciting and different textures with the use of painted or natural twigs and using foliage such as eucalyptus and spruce.



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We hope this gives you some inspiration for the types of flowers you could include for your autumn wedding. If you’re getting married this month we would love to know, what will be in your bouquet?