We just wanted to share this funny story with everyone…


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No seriously there is a reason for this – this blog was going be our original about us page description, so I want you to choose which you like best and why?


Here goes…


“For a girl who has always been indecisive about what she wants to do, it’s safe to say her friends and family are impressed that she has found something to make her smile!


From a very young age Samantha always knew she wanted to run her own business, but choosing a business idea was a challenge. She wanted it to mean something and make a difference to her customers.


In 2013, having a huge interest in weddings and events, she went back to university to study this industry for 2 years.


It wasn’t until Samantha’s sister-in-law ‘to be’ hen party in the summer of 2016, when the game changed. In their goodie bags was a Handmade Pina Colada Lollipop. It was so unique, no-one at the party had heard of an alcoholic candy before like this one, but it created a great ice breaker! And to everyone’s surprise it also tasted amazing – just like the real drink, setting in some summer vibes!


Samantha wanted to share what she had found with everyone, so she set out buying all the ingredients to make them herself. She found a recipe online with fantastic reviews and threw a party for her friend to come around and try them, before she had even begun.


BAD IDEA! She never was one to cook. After, almost setting her home on fire, and jumping back shouting for her boyfriend in shock to run and help, but doing absolutely nothing about it herself, except staring; then foolishly having to smash her lasagne bowls with a hammer due to setting one solid chunk of candy in the bowls, because she had made way too much mixture; and if that wasn’t enough, almost poisoning all her friend with her awfully burnt outcome.

Why did she not just give up?


Instead she found a professional company who were willing to make these products for her. Which was great as it meant no one would be poisoned now and every mix would look and taste consistent. Meaning if you like it once, you like it always! And after using the same friends to test these new products, they were delighted with the results, believing her business now actually stood a chance.


So now Samantha can do what she has always wanted – run her own company, providing customers with an amazing unique product and even better an exclusive experience to also share with all their own friends and family; which has been a hit so far!”


Pina Colada Humbugs anyone?



Re-reading through this now has made me gutted I didn’t take any photos at the time. I may have to do this experiment all over again, what do you think?


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